Teen jujutsu

Our Teen jujutsu class is where the cool kids hang out.

These are classes are combined with our adults class and are suitable for those aged 13 or above.

You can join this class as a complete beginner or as a more advanced martial artist.

You will come out of these classes with a range of skills such as martial arts techniques, confidence, strength, an increase in fitness, self defence and not to mention, you will be amongst the coolest kids in your school.


  • FREE for your first week of training
  • £23 per month allows you to train once per week
  • £33 per month allows you to train twice per week
  • Insurances are £20 per annum – expected to be paid on week 2
  • Uniforms (gi) prices are available on demand
  • Grading costs are £20 per grading

Classes are held Monday & Wednesday evenings, 7 – 9 p.m. at Our Lady Of The Angels Catholic Church, Bishops Close, Saltash.

Parking is easy, we have our own car park.