Junior jujutsu

Our junior jujutsu class is perfect for any child aged between 6 and 14 years.

Your child may join as a complete beginner or as a more advanced martial artist.

Your child will get full attention from our instructors and receive some of the best martial arts training available.

They will come out of this class:

  • Fitter and stronger
  • Better disciplined
  • With greater self-confidence
  • More aware of bullying and its impact
  • With a good self-defence capability


  • FREE for your first week of training
  • Fees are paid termly in advance, or part thereof, and are based on £4.50 per session
  • Insurances are £20 per annum – expected to be paid on week 2
  • Uniforms (gi) prices are available on demand
  • Grading costs are £20 per grading

Classes are held Tuesday evenings 6 – 7.30 p.m. at Wembury Primary School.

Parking is easy as we use the school staff car park.