Who’s it for?

Junior Ju Jutsu is for children aged 6 and above; those aged 14 or above may, with parental and instructor consent, join the adult class.

The First Class

The first class is free and gives you the opportunity to try out a Junior Ju Jutsu class.  You will meet others of a similar age who will help you learn the martial arts techniques and who are friendly and welcoming.

  • Fun to learn
  • Confidence and discipline
  • Leadership
What will I get from Junior Ju Jutsu classes?
  • Learn to defend yourself against bullies and bad guys
  • Become more active and fit in a fun way
  • Make new friends
  • Learn some impressive martial arts skills
  • Develop team spirit
  • Focus, respect, and dedication will pay off
  • Become a confident leader
How much does it cost?

The first class is free…

…if you wish to continue training there is an annual licensing / insurance fee of just £20.

You will need a training suit, we call that a dogi (gi), which will cost around £30.

Junior Ju Jutsu classes are based on £4.50 per session and payable termly, or part thereof, in advance.

Regular classes. Anything else?
  • Grading – your chance to show what you’ve learnt and earn the next belt colour
  • Halloween and Christmas Parties
  • Displays at Schools and Fetes
Who is the instructor?

All our instructors started off as beginners, some from as young as 6.  They all volunteer their time to teach so take no fees for themselves, all costs are recycled into the clubs for equipment.  Every instructor is also first aid certified and DBS cleared.

What to wear?

We recommend loose clothing, such as jogging bottoms or shorts (no jeans) and a t-shirt.

Shoes are not worn as all Ju Jutsu classes are taught in bare feet.

More information for Parents and Guardians

Ju Jutsu is a defensive martial art – learning it improves situational awareness and self-defence skills.

We aim to provide a friendly and safe environment where your child will progress as a martial artist and also as a person. We encourage children to respect and eventually teach each other to develop their confidence and leadership skills.