Frequently asked questions

If you’ve never trained in martial arts then there may be a few things you’ll be wondering about…we’ll try to answer some of the more common questions.

Do you take beginners?

Yes, we all have to start somewhere!  You can start in any regular session.  All techniques are adapted to suit beginners, so you will be able to follow on with the rest of the class.

How old do I have to be?

We have classes for adults and teens and a class for juniors (6 – 13).

How much does it cost?

Your first lesson is FREE
Junior classes are based on £4.50 per session payable termly in advance , or part thereof
Adult classes are £23 per month for one session per week

What other costs are there?

There is an annual £20 charge for association membership that covers your insurances and entitlement to grade.

What should I wear?

Any loose fitting comfortable clothing will do, but not your best clothing.  A T-shirt or rugby shirt, with tracksuit bottoms is an ideal combination.

Once you have got the taste for training, you’ll probably want to get a Gi so that you can wear the belt appropriate to your grade, these are available through your instructor at a very affordable price as well as through martial arts stores.

How often should I train?

By training once a week, you will make a gradual improvement, ideally you should train at least twice a week.  The more you train the quicker you will progress.

I train with another club/association/style, can I train with you too?

Of course, we are an open dojo and are often visited by students and instructors from other styles and disciplines.

What can I expect?

Instructors aim to match training to ability and try to make the classes enjoyable, as this is the safest and most effective way to teach.  During the class you will practice a series of techniques with a number of partners thus enabling you to learn about the effects of different body shape, size and attitude.

I’m a woman and want to learn self-defence, is this for me?

Satorikan Dojo is a great place for women to learn self-defence.  We have women training regularly so you won’t feel out of place and our emphasis is on practical martial arts for self-defence situations.  On top of that you’ll probably find that you’ve become fitter and more toned after a regular training as training involves cardio work outs, strength training and stretching.  All the benefits of working out at the gym with the added advantage of actually learning something practical and useful at the same time!