Ryu Ju Jutsu offers a complete Martial Art for self-defence and personal growth

We teach Japanese Goshin Ju Jutsu and Shotokan Karate using a blend of traditional and modern training methods.

You will be shown techniques that work for you and learn how to respond to difficult and / or violent situations.

Ju Jutsu was originally designed and tested on the battlefields of ancient Japan to defeat an enemy in battle; its original purpose being to develop techniques and strategies to restrain, maim or kill an opponent. Even though we are far removed from this era, Ju Jutsu techniques are dangerous and can be lethal.

The Samurai aimed for perfection in their martial arts and through the practice of zazen, the religion of the Samurai, were able to place great emphasis on vigilance, self-composure and tranquillity in the face of death.

We have found that through the correct training of Ju Jutsu we too can achieve these qualities and it is for this reason that Ryu Ju Jutsu is great for personal growth.

Ryu Ju Jutsu has some strong views on the purpose of a Ju Jutsu dojo. We are a passionate, non-political, non-profit making martial arts organisation, this is written into our constitution and essentially we exist for two purposes:

  1. To benefit the health and development of our members through the practice of Ju Jutsu; and
  2. To further study, research and develop our knowledge of Ju Jutsu.

We like to think that Ryu Ju Jutsu is a family that supports its members in the pursuit of a life-long study and practice of Ju Jutsu.

On this website you will find out where we hold our classes and our take on Ju Jutsu. Have a look around and enjoy your stay.