Satorikan Dojo is a friendly place to learn martial arts. Under the guidance of its instructor Greg Regan sensei, a 5th degree black belt in Japanese Goshin JuJutsu you will learn a wide variety of techniques, from kicking and blocking through to locking, throwing and restraining thus providing a complete system for self-defence.

Our emphasis is on teaching fighting skills that are of practical use in self-defence situations as well as building healthy minds and bodies. Training at Satorikan Dojo will improve your wellbeing, self-confidence and fitness levels as well as and helping to reduce your stress levels.

We meet to train twice a week in a church hall; if you think that you might like to train with us feel free to contact us, give us a ring (07974 248036) or drop in to the dojo for a chat or to even give it a go!

First lesson is FREE!